Book Review "36 and 6 Reasons to Kill"

What catches the eye from the very beginning is the author's excessive weakness for stylizing each scene, where, with the stubbornness of a maniac, he aestheticizes the interiors or garments we encounter, which, of course, does not immerse us in the past and does not reveal a pre-military image, or post-war Krakow, and only a description of the cliches from American noir films, where the author resorted only to the placement of props most associated with this genre. Thus, in every interior, a lazy windmill will be visible on the ceiling, and almost every gangster will wear a wide-brimmed Fedora, polished loafers, and his loyal associates will have a choice: magnum, Thompson drum, Molotov cocktail or Luger.

Women will smoke cigarettes through glass pipes in long shimmering dresses or they will look like seductive ghosts, stretching out in bed and drawing wet footprints on the body with an ice cube... All the characters usually drink dark alcohol, smoke foreign cigars, shoot an "air kiss" and are defeated before choosing: Cadillac, Plymouth, Packard, Camaro or Lincoln. In addition, they visit venues such as Smooth, where a black singer sings Ain't no sunshine, or Sour Tequila (let me mention a hotel in Las Vegas), and the sensational headline "Who bit Camil Keaton?!" will appear in the newspaper Gos Krakowski. So much for the atmosphere of old Krakow. Of course, we will find Krakow streets, bridges, squares and, finally, the market square, the citadel and even the Slovak Theater, but Krakow will still give the impression of a district, relative enclaves in the center of a big city (somewhere in America) inhabited by a European minority.

It is equally difficult to tame the time in which this plot unfolds, because the already mentioned samples of weapons that were produced in distant historical periods show that the thirties, which are mentioned in the description of the book, are one of the few non-binding agreements that the author uses. Here we are dealing with really different attributes and contexts inherent in their times, such as "like a cube of a sea toilet", "monkey with chilled rum", "bouncers" in relation to the protection of the premises, "a pair of orange trunks", "an overgrown nerd on the steps of junior high school", "will blow us, like plush donkeys with sweets", "do we have a free country?", "like a Nazi capo", "canary", "metrosexual geek" "sucked in like a tampon", "parliamentarians on stools", "queue", etc. There is even a language suitable for the Internet: "I threw up his rainbow peacock", "I collect postcards with unicorns"... Tento web poskytuje podrobné recenze online kasin, cz online casino které jsou k dispozici v České republice. Zde najdete informace o bonusových nabídkách, herním výběru a způsobech platby. S těmito recenzemi můžete snadno najít nejlepší kasino pro vaše potřeby a začít hrát!
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